Holy Cross Hospice, Inc.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I pay for hospice? Does my insurance cover?
Medicare and Medi-Cal fully cover the cost of hospice care. In the instance in which there is no form of insurance an arrangement can be made with the hospice. Certain HMO insurances also offer hospice benefits.

We are happy to verify any insurances to determine if there is any coverage.

How does one qualify for hospice care?
There are two criteria to qualify for hospice care. The first is a doctor’s certification of terminal illness and the second is the willingness to receive palliative care.

Will hospice provide medication?
Necessary medications related to the terminal illness of the patient are provided by hospice. Any medications not related to the terminal illness are not provided by hospice and are patient/family responsibility.

Will hospice provide medical supplies and equipment?
Yes, the hospice will provide any necessary medical supplies and/or equipment.

Who will be involved in providing hospice services?
Hospice services are coordinated and delivered by a team of various healthcare professionals of different disciplines and include but are not limited to physicians, registered nurses, social workers, home health aides, spiritual counselors, therapists, and volunteers.

Can the patient’s primary physician work with the hospice team?
Yes. A large number of primary physicians continue to plan most, if not all, of the patient’s care in coordination with the hospice team.

Can a patient’s family be involved in the hospice care?
Family members are very much encouraged to participate in the patient’s care as much as possible. If a patient has no family members to assist in care giving, the hospice team will work with a caregiver or willing friends or neighbors of the patient.

Is hospice available at night or on the weekends only?
Patient-related services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can a patient discontinue hospice care?
A patient can discontinue hospice services at any given time.

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